A Class Act 1943 John Deere AW

Published on Mon, 06/23/2014 - 8:01am

A Class Act 1943 John Deere AW

To give students an appreciation of the farm history surrounding them, instructor James Connors and the Tractor Restoration Team at the College of Agriculture and Live Sciences at the University of Idaho, Moscow, restored this 1943 Model AW as a class project. 

While nearly 300,000 A-model tractors were produced, this “AW” is special because it has a wide front-end (the reason for the “W” in its nomenclature) with a unique “anteater” nose. The Tractor Restoration Team spent nine months getting their hands dirty converting the non-running AW from rusty and run-down to gleaming and going.

The restored tractor will be used to promote the University of Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at local shows, fairs, parades, and at the college’s annual Ag Days Celebration. 

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