Clear The Path!

Published on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 10:41am

Affordable snowplow options for your acreage

There are a lot of plusses when living in the country: plenty of room to roam, privacy, and peacefulness to name just a few. But like everything, these benefits come at a cost: It's a lot of work!

And no chore is more tedious—or backbreaking—than clearing a long lane to the main road or a large circular driveway. Even clearing the path to the barn can take hours with a snowblower or shovel. To make short work of excess snow in these situations, we look at affordable snowplows for your pickup or SUV, as well as a few options for other vehicles you may own.

Blizzard Sport Utility Straight Blade

Designed for compact pickups and SUVs, the 6´8˝ and 7´2˝ blade lengths—models 680LT and 720LT, respectively—feature 16-gauge steel moldboards with four reinforcement ribs and a 1/4˝×5˝ cutting edge. Built on a square-tubed A-frame, the two LT models rely on four heavy-duty coil springs to absorb shock when striking curbs or other obstructions. Torque box construction helps maintain moldboard rigidity, while a low-mounted, shielded hydraulic cover protects components while not obstructing your vehicle’s airflow.


Boss HTX Series

Boss' HTX plows bring V-plow and straight-blade options to your light-duty or half-ton truck. Keeping acreage owners in mind, the HTX line relies on the strategic use of steel reinforcement to provide the best combination of strength and weight. Available in poly, steel, and stainless, other standard features include SmartLight three LED lights for long life, chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system to reduce bounce and provide full float capability, and full moldboard trip design to help prevent damage.

Hiniker 700 Series

The Hiniker 700 series plow is designed for most 1/2 ton and compact four-wheel-drive truck owners who want to clear their own property. Available in the 7´ 702 model and the 7-1/2´ 752 model, both plows share a 26˝ blade height and a 1/4˝ HMW black polyethylene moldboard surface. The 700 Series has fully hydraulic controls, low maintenance full-trip moldboard to reduce friction, and Hiniker’s Quick-Hitch mounting. Both models rely on a compact joystick to control all of the plow’s functions.



Sno-Way 22 Series

Sno-Way offers two blade sizes—6´8˝ and 7´6˝, each 22˝ high—to help you meet your noncommercial plowing applications on your downsized truck or SUV. Features include high strength steel components, polycarbonate blade skin,drive-in mounting system, special trip springs, Shock Killer trip system, size-specific angle and raise cylinder designs, and optional down-pressure hydraulics system. Other highlights include zinc phosphate rinse, E-coat primer, and powder coat finish for corrosion resistance.

Other Options

We focused on pickups and SUVs because nearly all acreage owners already own one. But that doesn't mean there aren't snow-clearing solutions for the other vehicles typically found on small farms and acreages. Let's take a look…

Skid steers

All four of the manufacturers listed above—Blizzard, Boss, Hiniker, and Sno-Way—offer several snow plow options for your skid steer. While most are aimed more toward the commercial market, they are still good options for larger acreage owners.

Compact and sub-compact tractors

There are several ways to clear snow with your compact or sub-compact tractor. Along with traditional plows, several companies, such as Worksaver, make snow pushers that make quick work of clearing large amounts of snow. Snow pusher attachments are also available for skid steers.

The Worksaver 24-Series snow pushers are designed for sub-compact and compact tractors up to 50 hp.


Blizzard, Boss, and Sno-Way all offer snow plows to fit most UTVs, adding year-round utility to these already fun and uber-useful vehicles.

Stand-on mowers

Do you own a stand-on mower? Toro, in conjunction with Boss, has developed the GrandStand Multi Force snow plow system just for you. This allows owners to switch from a mowing deck to a snow plow attachment, giving their mowers utility even when the grass is covered with the white stuff.

Toro's GrandStand Multi Force is equipped with a movable caster assembly that shortens the frame, making the machine more maneuverable and effective for snow removal.