EGG-zactly Perfect - Mini Italian Frittata with Asparagus and Six Italian Cheeses

Published on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 8:00am

If you asked me what food that I could not live without, it would either be pasta or eggs! While many foods could claim to be nature’s most perfect food, as an egg fanatic, I’m biased. Eggs are simply the perfect food because they’re readily available from so many of our acreages!  

More than ever before, people are seeking out eggs produced from free-range chickens that are raised locally on small farms and acreages. People have been realizing the deliciousness and healthfulness of home-raised chickens and their eggs.

These miniature versions of a frittata are excellent to serve for a brunch, luncheon, or Easter gathering for guests to enjoy a smaller portion. You won’t be sorry as you hear the words of praise for these miniature Italian egg treats!


Mini Italian Frittata with Asparagus and Six Italian Cheeses


1 dozen (12) jumbo eggs

Olive oil or olive oil cooking spray

½ cup whole milk or heavy cream

2-½ oz. prosciutto, diced into very small bits

2 cups thin asparagus, woody stems cut off, and cut into small pieces about ½"long

½ cup Italian parsley, finely chopped (or you can use spinach, basil, or a little bit of each)

1-1/2 cups grated six-cheese blend of Italian cheese

3 green onions, finely chopped

1 Tbsp. fresh or dried oregano, minced

¼ tsp. freshly cracked sea salt

¼ tsp. freshly cracked black pepper

Garnish platter with sprigs of Italian parsley


Preheat oven to 375 F degrees.

Thoroughly spray or brush olive oil in a 12-muffin pan or in individual tart tins; you don't want these to stick to the pan.

In a large mixing bowl, gently whisk the eggs; blend in all remaining ingredients.

Pour the egg mixture into each olive oil-prepared muffin cup up to about ¼" below the top.

Sprinkle more grated cheese on the tops of each mini frittata.

Bake for 20 minutes until the tops of the frittata begin to puff up and a golden brown color is achieved; the frittata will settle while cooling.

Run a knife around the edges of each frittata to loosen them from the muffin cups.

With a rubber spatula, gently remove each mini frittata from the pan and place on a warm platter.

Garnish with sprigs of Italian parsley.

Serve immediately.