Iris Wall - Indiantown, Florida

Published on Tue, 01/02/2018 - 8:00am

Iris Wall  Indiantown, Florida

Iris Wall, or “Miss Iris” to those who know her, is a special soul. Iris resides in south Florida’s interior, in a part of the state that most tourists will never see. Her ranch has been her paradise for most of her 87 years. Passionate about land preservation and her Cracker-breed cattle, Miss Iris is one tough lady. Come for a visit, she said.

“Honey, listen. This is what I do. I have 1200 acres out there. I hire an old man three days a week. When I get ready to work cattle, I hire me four cowboys, my family comes and helps and we work cattle. You come to the back door at my house, we’ll get in my old truck and I’ll drive you around…”

Iris then took Marji on a tour of her sprawling Florida ranch. Driving through the cleared area and into the trees, Marji couldn’t believe her eyes. Everywhere there was wildlife, trees, and a real vision of untouched Florida paradise. Iris laughed as she drove, her eyes twinkling.

Miss Iris loves her land much so that she protects it with everything she has and has passed that love down to the next generation of her family to live on, love and enjoy.