The Joys of DIY

Published on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 9:08am

Jordan and I live in a foursquare farmhouse that has been in his family since the 1930s. Many little Honnettes have grown up in this house—we love its character and all of the memories.

When Jordan and I moved in, we wanted to put our own stamp on the place and I was bursting with ideas. All day long, paint colors would run through my head, accompanied by a wish list a mile long for each and every room. I was excited and eager to get started. So much so that one day when Mom and I were talking over my plans for the kitchen, we decided it would be a good idea to start right away as we began to remove the wallpaper.

This would have been a great idea, had we actually been ready to patch, mud, sand, and paint the walls. But we weren’t.

The plans for the kitchen were extensive, including refinishing the existing cupboards. But since we had four other room projects in-progress at the time, Jordan and I had to deal with a terrible looking plaster wall for months until we were ready to begin work on the kitchen—all because of my hastiness

House projects aren’t easy and they aren’t always fun. A constant mess of paint cans, drop cloths, tools, and dust can quickly turn a homeowner’s excitement into discouragement. And simple projects often snowball into more work and money than anticipated. Jordan and I have learned many things by trial and error—mostly error. We are fortunate to have family and friends who often pitched in and helped us with our DIY fiascos. My dad and uncle, in particular, helped us out time and time again. They spent countless hours at our house, working as our on-call contractors, and I will forever be grateful.

Many memories from our first few years of marriage are wrapped up in house projects. We spent countless late nights rolling the last coat of paint on walls or tearing up carpeting just to see how the floor looked underneath. Looking back, I am so glad we tackled the projects when we did. It feels so good to have most of the work behind us and to be able to enjoy our work and our farmhouse. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are thrilled with the end result: A home we love.