Kate Edwards - Wild Woods Farm Solon, Iowa

Published on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 12:50pm

Kate Edwards wasn’t raised on a farm. However, she did grow up admiring her grandparent’s farm and their way of life. In 2010, that admiration pushed Kate to leave her career as an engineer and pursue her life long dream of becoming a farmer. With her grandparent’s knowledge and support behind her, Kate began Wild Woods Farm in Solon, Iowa. 

Kate started growing a wide variety of produce on just one acre. Now, in her fourth growing season, Kate grows enough food on two acres to feed 150 families during the growing season via her CSA program. She is able to do so by applying intensive regenerative agriculture and organic practices.  

Along with being the primary operator of Wild Woods Farm, Edwards co-founded and runs The Farming Institute to train beginning farmers in business planning and farming practices. 


Find out more at: www.wildwoodscsa.com  and  www.thefarminginstitute.com