Massey Mystery Machine:1953 MASSEY HARRIS 22

Published on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 2:09pm

All Bill Breitzman of Campbellsport, Wis. wanted was a good used tractor with a three-point hitch. Instead, he got a mystery. Bill bought this 1953 Massey Harris 22 and used it for years before deciding to give it a facelift in 2004. While preparing the tractor for repainting, his sanding revealed the seat was originally yellow—but Massey Harris seats were traditionally red. What gives?

With all the Massey dealerships now gone, Bill asked other farmers and discovered some late-run models had red seats and others had yellow. Since 1953 was the last year for this model, the best theory he’s come up with is that the Massey Harris factory would run out of red seats, and workers went to the company’s construction equipment line and used those to complete the build.  
This MH 22 spends most of its time in the barn, but Bill brings it out occasionally to plant or cultivate corn. He also uses it for tractor rides, parades, and shows.