Raised Bed Earth & Turf Multi-spread Models

Published on Tue, 02/20/2018 - 11:57am

Earth & Turf 220 and 320

Earth & Turf Products LLC announces spreaders with custom-made axles to straddle raised beds in order to spread compost and other materials on them. There are two models available with these custom axles to meet the needs of small farm customers, the Models 220 and 320. Equipped with optional light material sides, they are capable of carrying 1 and 2 cubic yards respectively.

The Models 220 & 320 are pull type, two-wheel, ground-drive units which take their power from both wheels. Two-wheel drive increases the overall drive efficiency of the units and reduces chances of tire slippage.

To learn more about these special units, please contact us at our toll free office number 888-693-2638.

Another Earth & Turf “Simple, well-built” design.

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