Sundae Morning Farm

Published on Mon, 09/22/2014 - 9:52am

Margot Hodges-Tinner sent us these images of her pride and joy: Sundae Morning Farm in Ogden, Iowa. Margot, originally from Washington state, explains how her family found and fell in love with what was once known as the Daniel Boone Trail Farm: “We had been coming to Iowa for years to visit our son who was an undergrad in dairy science and animal science at ISU (Iowa State University). He convinced us to pack up our farm and move!”

The original house and barn were built in the early-1900s. “Its original owner, John Paulson, used the barn to house his Percheron draft horses, that in turn helped build the local highway,” Margot tells us.


“The barn is totally restored inside and out, with horse stalls—we made sure to keep the original tie stalls and feeders intact.” – Margot Hodges-Tinner