Hope Springs Farm Alpacas

Published on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 11:18am

Hope Springs Farm Alpacas
6847 Floyd Hwy. S
P.O. Box 366
Willis, VA 24380
United States

We are Wiliam and Candace Frey of Hope Springs Farm Bed and Breakfast and Alpacas. We found refuge in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia after living in Charlotte and other big cities for much of our lives. In 1999 with a love for animals and a desire for a simpler way of life, we embarked on a journey that has brought us tremendous satisfaction and joy, living a lifestyle where rush hour is from the front door to the barn.

In 2002 we purchased our first animals from two well respected farms, Heart's Desire in WV and Timberland Alpacas in Oregon. From 8 full Peruvian breeding females of aristocratic bloodlines of Victor, and Hemingway, bred to renown herdsires Leon, Felix, El Moustachio, Miracle Whip, Guellermo, and Avenger's Invasion we have grown our herd to nearly 40 exceptional alpacas. During this time of herd growth, we focused on developing a strong, healthy herd breeding for size and physiological vigor as well as fineness of fiber. Females are not bred until 2 years of age and males around 3 years to assure full physiological development and increase the chances for successful pregnancies and birth.

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