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AcreageLife August 2016 AcreageLife’s "Beat The Heat" Issue Inside you’ll find:
  • What to to when city and country collide
  • Authentic Italian sauce recipes for all your tomatoes
  • A real-life ‘Mater and McQueen
  • UTVs for home and farm work
AcreageLife’s "COUNTRY GETAWAYS" Issue:  Inside you’ll find:
  • A driving trip “like riding on a cloud”
  • The perfect Bufala Negra recipe
  • A haven for Southern cooking
  • “Slamming” a 1939 Allis Chalmers Model B
This month’s contributors include:
  • Agritourism: Is is right for your acreage?
  • Introducing a new horse to your herd
  • A summer reading list for animal lovers
  • Is what you read online fact or chicken poop?
All of this and more is just one click away!Thanks,The AcreageLife Team 
SUMMER LIVING ISSUEThe latest issue of AcreageLife is here. Inside you’ll find:
  • Boss BBQ grills and smokers
  • Making mincemeat of mosquitos
  • Proper preparation of the prickly artichoke
  • And an overview of an old Oliver 99
This month’s contributor articles include:
  • Tips to take care of your tack
  • The ins-and-outs of irrigation
  • Feeding your flock when the temps climb
  • Honing in on heritage breeds
All of this and more is just one click away!Thanks,The AcreageLife Team
 AcreageLife’s "GARDENING & LANDSCAPING" Issue Inside you’ll find:
  • Top tomato-growing tips
  • Mobile apps for any size farm
  • Where to see old iron at tractor shows
  • And what you and a millionaire media-star have in common
This month’s contributors include:
  • Using chickens to improve your garden
  • Why pigs are worth loving
  • How to build an equine first-aid kit
  • Tractor safety for all operators