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WINTER SURVIVAL GUIDE This issue brings you:
  • Beginner’s bread basics
  • Setting up a winter wild bird-feeding program
  • Winter boredom-busters for your chickens
  • Problem-solving on a 1958 Ford tractor
  • Three easy steps to a more organized barn
  • Our top five showcases from 2014
This month’s contributor articles include:
  • Four New Year’s Resolutions your horses want to hear
  • Reading between the lines on backyard chicken laws
  • How a SWOT analysis can help your farm
All of this in the January issue of AcreageLife!  Thanks, The AcreageLife Team
ENJOYING WINTERCheck out the latest issue of AcreageLife!This issue brings you:
  • A look at the very first snowmobile
  • Why hunting leases make sense
  • Checking out a (mostly) Allis-Chalmers collection
  • A handful of favorite church potluck recipes
  • Three snowmobile trailers to get to the best snow
This month’s contributors include:
  • A winning speech to overcome poultry objections
  • Look before leaping into aquaculture
  • Timely winter tasks for your horses
  • And how a cheerful Rwandan came to work on an Iowa farm
Read all of this and more, just a click away!Thanks,The AcreageLife Team
HOLIDAY GUIDE Check out the latest issue of AcreageLife! This issue brings you: Holiday presents you can make yourself Gifts for your furry family members Four snowblower-buying tips An unusual—but tasty—Thanksgiving stuffing recipe The latest one-up snowmobiles you deserve to ride This month’s contributor articles include: Understanding horse senses A visit to A Bird of Courage How poultry planning equals success And which goat breeds are best suited to meat production Read all of this and more, just a click away! Thanks, The AcreageLife Team
Full-on Fall:   Welcome to the October issue of AcreageLife. While this month’s theme is “Fall Clean Up,” we thought we’d step outside of the box a bit and bring a little more fun this issue.Sure, there’s plenty of useful information on getting ready for fall, like a look at keeping unwanted guests—aka, mice—out of your buildings as the weather turns cooler, some chicken-specific tips to keep rodents out of the coop, and some insights on prepping the livestock and equipment on your small-scale farming operation for winter.But along with the expert advice on training your young horse and some award winning pie recipes in advance of the holidays, we have a special seasonal treat: A look at haunted places throughout America’s Heartland.We’re really excited by this nod to Halloween. In the constant push to move Thanksgiving and the subsequent holiday shopping season ever forward, Halloween seems to be getting short shrift lately, and that’s a real shame.Tied into the harvest season and ancient European cultures, Halloween brings plenty of warm and fuzzy memories to those of us who remember going out with a group of...