10 Chores Made Easier With A UTV

Posted by Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor on Jul 26, 2019 9:19:43 AM
Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor

There’s no question that life in the country is far easier than what your grandparents had to contend with. Even so, there’s still plenty of hard work to go around. The good news is that with today’s UTVs—that is, side-by-side all terrain vehicles with low center of gravity and cargo carrying capacity—we can do more in one day, and without having to hitch up a mule and wagon.

UTVs ride the line between having to load your expensive pickup and head out on to trails and fields, versus saddling up a horse or smaller ride-on ATV. Because they are purpose-made for rugged outdoor use, you can get to where you need to be in less time, no matter the terrain.

Just take a look at some of the common acreage chores that UTVs make easier.

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1 Ride the fences

Checking your fences has never been easier, since UTVs have a well-earned reputation for being able to go practically anywhere. With a bed in back to carry tools, any openings can be quickly repaired.

2 Plant trees

When it comes to saving the Earth, nothing is better than planting trees. With the ability to haul several big burlap-balled trees around the yard, you’ll have the place looking greener in no time.

3 Yard work

Yes, you have a mower, but when you consider the greater horsepower available in a UTV, hauling a rake or vacuum unit behind can make tedious yard work (like picking up leaves and twigs) get the job done faster and better.

4 Plow snow

Snow removal on an open tractor is no fun, but several UTVs not only have snowplow attachments, but a cabin and heat, as well. The low center of gravity, and all terrain tires give plenty of grip for pushing snow out of the way.

5 Carrying firewood

With some giving over half a ton of carrying capacity, moving firewood from the felled tree or splitting pile to the house is done faster than ever. Some models even have dump capacity, and your back will thank you for that.

6 Maintaining trees, clearing brush

Short of hiring goats, nothing gets into the scrub brush easier than your UTV. Hauling cut brush away can be a chore, but not when it’s loaded into the UTV or a wagon.

7 Winching things out of the way

The one option that many UTV owners won’t do without anymore is a winch. Hitch the cable to just about anything and you can drag even felled trees away from the road. And when your adventuresome side gets out of control, a winch can usually help extract your vehicle from whatever is holding it.

8 Grading and dirt work

With front or rear attachments you will be able to keep the driveway graded, prepare gardens, or scarify ground prior to planting seed

9 Spray weeds

Adding a plastic spray tank attachment to the bed is one of the items you’ll wonder how you lived without. Your UTV will get you to all parts of your farm, ranch, or acreage to control noxious weeds with ease.

10 Tow even more

Almost every UTV comes with a trailer hitch of some sort, letting you take even more to your work site, or bring things home in a trailer…often in just a single trip.

And if there is a Number 11, it isn’t a chore, it’s a reward. Multiple seats in UTVs let you enjoy nature with friends and family, whether it is hunting, exploring hidden trails, or just enjoying a picnic someplace you rarely get to.


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