An Affordable Precision Drop Spreader

Posted by AcreageLife on Dec 7, 2022 3:36:25 PM

Well-built, affordable precision

Earth & Turf Products announces new line of drop spreaders to spread dry, fine materials with 15 precise settings. The launch of the Dri-Flo drop spreader series marks the second release of a new product in 2022 for the Lancaster, Penn.-based company.
These spreaders are designed in 3-, 4-, and 5-foot models to accommodate homeowners, food plotters, and gardeners looking to spread dry lime, seed, and fertilizer.

The Dri-Flo line is modeled after our Conestoga stainless-steel drop spreaders, aiming for more affordable quality option with a simpler build, leaving the box lid and 2nd agitator as options, also changing to 14 gauge painted steel box and removing the main auger clutch. They will have a thick axle to handle their full box capacities of lime and other heavy materials. Tall 23” x 12” tires and offer an all-terrain option for straddling rows or going down ATV trails.
When asked about the "why" behind a new line of drop spreaders when the TruFlow line already exists Earth & Turf stated that they realized a need in the industry for a well-built yet affordable precision drop spreader for customers wanting to spread materials with more control including lime, dry sand, seed, granular fertilizer, and other fine flowable materials.
The Dri-Flo spreaders are available for order through the website or by phone.
Earth & Turf Products
(888) 693-2638
1867 Kirkwood Pike
Kirkwood, PA 17536

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