DR® Powerwagon: Haul Hefty Loads With Ease!

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For those with large properties and a lot of outdoor projects, transporting heavy loads of materials can present a problem. With the DR® Powerwagon, you can effortlessly haul up to 800 lbs. of just about anything! Move stones, logs, gravel, building materials, mulch, and much more – even up hills and over rough terrain. With tilting cargo bed and optional powered lift, unloading is easy, too. On the Pro model, removable sides allow you to convert the cargo bed to a flatbed for large, awkwardly shaped loads – perfect for lumber, plywood, or hay bales. It’s the easy way to haul!
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  •  Haul heavy loads up to 800 lbs. on the Pro model, or 500 lbs. on the Premier.
  •  All-steel frame makes the machine strong enough for tough loads and extremely durable.
  •  Powerful engines with as many as 6.75 ft./lbs. of torque.
  •  Rear caster wheel makes turning easy and precise, even over rough terrain.
  •  Puncture-proof tires can handle any turf.
  •  Fingertip control of the engine and drive speed.





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