FISHER Minute Mount 2 Tractor Attachment Kit

Posted by AcreageLife on Oct 7, 2021 10:02:08 AM

Designed for quick and easy attachment on a wide range of tractor models, the Minute Mount® 2 tractor attachment kits are compatible with FISHER® heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows, and winged plows—giving you unprecedented maneuverability, versatility, and efficiency when plowing. 

Fisher Minute Mount 2 Tractor Attachment Kit

Compatible FISHER plow models include the HD2™ and HDX™ straight blade plows, the XtremeV™ and XV2™ v-plows, and the XLS™ winged plow. 


To identify which FISHER plows fit your tractor, please visit the FISHER eMatch system.

For more information about the Minute Mount 2 tractor attachment kit, visit your local authorized FISHER dealer or

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