Getting the Most from Your UTV

Posted by Ron Morgan on Dec 9, 2019 9:47:35 AM

Have you parked your UTV just because it’s winter? Following these few tips and ideas will keep your UTV investment active all winter long.

Don’t overlook maintenance
The seasons change and activities with your UTV change with them, but proper maintenance does not. Regularly maintaining your UTV will not only increase your winter UTV utilization experience, it will also extend the life cycle of your vehicle overall.

Conduct a pre-winter check
Do more than just hop in and go. This is an important time to check your vehicle brakes and the engine compartment for any sort of buildup of packed mud and material. While you’re at it, don’t forget to inspect and change the fuel filters.

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Baby shampoo is one of the best and most effective soaps I have found to clean your vehicle

Also, check tire pressure and tire condition. Changing a tire in the middle of a field this time of year is not a lot of fun.

Winter chores made easier
Just because it turned cold doesn’t mean chores end, and winter chores can be cold, tiring and time-consuming. Some of these chores become more urgent, like hauling firewood and clearing snow.
UTVs can run in all conditions to keep you moving in snow, cold, rain or shine.
As the seasons change, so does amount of daylight. Optional work lighting packages are a great addition for both your tractor or UTV.

Shorter days mean you’ll be doing more work in the dark

Is a UTV better than a truck?
Look at carrying capacity. Today’s UTV capacities are exceptional for the size of the vehicle.
KIOTI’s UTVs have payload capacities that range up to 1700 pounds. You could purchase two to three UTVs for the price of one modern-day pickup truck, making them a more cost-effective option.
UTVs are typically all-wheel-drive, enabling the driver to lock differentials, so you are less likely to get stuck in ice, mud, or and snow.

But how to keep warm and dry?
The most obvious way is to purchase the cab option with your UTV. Cab systems are a fantastic option, offering protection from the elements during extreme temperatures.

Purchasing tip: When choosing your UTV, remember the additional gear you’ll be wearing during winter months, like gloves

If the controls are situated too close together or are too small, it’s annoying if you may have to remove your glove when actuating or selecting a control. Also, make sure there is ample room for your foot and boot size.
KIOTI knows how important it is for your equipment to work year round, so we kept these in mind when designing our MECHRON and K9 series of UTVs.


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