Hitting High C - 1951 IH Farmall Super C

Posted by Andy Schneider on Jan 16, 2017 1:30:00 PM
Andy Schneider

When he was five years old, William Technik’s father stopped farming with horses and brought home a brand new IH Farmall A. From that moment on, William was a Farmall man.

This 1951 Super C sat for several years on a dealer’s back lot, and it bothered William that the weather was slowly deteriorating it. Bringing the tractor home in 2012 with the aim to use it in his vegetable garden, he set about un-freezing the engine, replacing pistons, sleeves, main bearings, and overhauling the transmission and hydraulics. He even converted the dual front wheels to a single—it works better in his garden plot.

William, of Gonzales, Texas enjoys driving the Super C, and figures the 18-month restoration was worth it, given the price of vegetables at the supermarket.


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