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Posted by Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor on Dec 30, 2019 12:56:04 PM
Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor

Despite the best intentions of your utility company, the lights WILL go out one day. A tornado, hurricane, ice storm, or even a raccoon climbing on a utility pole all can wreak havoc. So it’s best to be prepared with the lights to out—because you never know when they’ll come on again.

Standby and portable generators for your home can keep food frozen, furnaces running, and lamps lit. Check out these outstanding models that will hold things together for you.


CHAMPION Model 100297CHAMPION Model 100297
Champion’s powerful 8000-watt generator with electric start features Dual Fuel capability, allowing the 459cc engine to run on either gasoline or propane. Featuring Champion’s Intelligauge, Volt Guard and Cold Start Technology, this model provides up to 8 hours of run time on gasoline or 8 hours on propane. Plenty of outlets are provided, with a 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R), a 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R) as well as four 120V 20A GFCI-protected household outlets (5-20R). Champion’s network of service centers is backed by a a 3-year limited warranty and no-cost lifetime technical support.

Champion Power Equipment


Offering 6500 watts, the GP6500 with COsense technology provides clean, quiet power for optimal performance. What’s COsense? Generac’s technology offers life-saving protection against hazardous carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and will shut down when technology senses CO reaching dangerous levels nearby. The GP6500 also features PowerRush advanced technology to deliver 40% more starting capacity. A 7.2 gallon tank gives you all night—10 hour—power at 50% capacity.

Generac Power Systems


DuroMax Power’s premiere dual-fuel model features 10,500 watts of running power and 13,000 of surge power—and it runs on either propane or gasoline. User-friendly features include a push-button start and a front-facing fuel switch control, making switching between gas and propane fast and easy. Why dual fuel? Propane is more efficient than gasoline, and lasts longer in storage. With 10,500 watts, you can power all household essentials, including central A/C, for up to 8.5 hours (on gasoline). The fully loaded power panel features multiple outlets including two 120V GFCI-protected household outlets.
DuroMax Power Systems


In 1998 Honda revolutionized the portable generator market with the introduction a super-quiet generator. The EU2200i offers 2200 watts of power availability in a package no heavier or larger than its 2000-watt predecessor. Technical enhancements result in more power and maximum output at lower rpms, thanks to improved inverter technology. This model offers a run time of 3.2 to 8.1 hours from its 0.95-gallon tank, depending on the generator load. Startup and maintenance is simplified from color-coded start up components, easier oil fill/drain, and new fuel shut off valve.

Honda Power Equipment


If you need plenty of power for home or work, Caterpillar’s RP12000 E delivers up to 15000 watts of surge power for equipment or heavy loads. Engineers included a low-idle mode option to optimize fuel consumption and noise levels and can yield runtimes over 11 hours (at 50% load). The panel houses 9 receptacles including a 50A 240V outlet, required for many heavy-duty tools. The RP12000 E was designed for simple, safe, fuss-free operation. It includes a lighted, single side-operators station.

Caterpillar Inc.


For portable power in a compact, easy-to-move unit, Briggs & Stratton’s P4500 inverter generator punches above its weight class. Offering 3700 running watts and 4500 starting watts, features include push button electric start, CO GUARD carbon monoxide shutdown technology (when harmful levels of carbon monoxide are detected), and a multi-functional display panel that monitors power usage, fuel level, and run time. The P4500 offers four 120V 20A outlets, one 120V, a 30A RV outlet, and USB ports. The attractive hard shell minimizes noise and protects internal components.

Briggs & Stratton

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