How BigToolRack Came About

Posted by AcreageLife on Jan 15, 2021 10:04:31 AM

The tractor accessory ‘built to haul it all’

My name is Tim Descoteaux and let me begin by saying I was not looking to invent something or start a new company—I just started BigToolRack to get more out of my compact tractor.

BigToolRack on John Deere tractor, with trailer

I had just purchased a John Deere 2520 tractor, and soon realized the limitation of virtually no cargo space. I remember I was doing some spot seeding in my yard, filling my bucket with topsoil and moving it, but I needed to have my rake with me, grass seed, fertilizer and straw. 




So, I built a mock-up rack and attached it to my tractor. I spent most of the summer working with my son and daughter on our property using this rack to carry all of our yard tools. I found that I never wanted to take the yard tool rack off my tractor. I could even tow my utility trailer or log splitter with the rack attached. Talk about handy!


From mockup to reality

We eventually hired a top-notch design team and worked with them for several months to refine what I call BigToolRack   The Ultimate Attachment.

BTR on John Deere

BigToolRack is designed to work with a compact tractor and sub-compact tractor with many unique features, it has a large cargo area, many universal tool holders for rakes, shovels, axes, a chainsaw holder, long lumber/fence post carrier, weed trimmer carrier, garden hose/extension cord carrier.

BTR on Kubota loaded up with tools

 The BigToolRack is a great source for ballast; it weighs 300 pounds all by itself and comes standard with a counter weight bracket allowing up to six suitcase weights on it. 

You can also load up to 600 pounds in the large cargo area when carrying heavy loads with your loader. The design includes a trailer hitch feature and a click on wheels system that converts your rack into a roll-away storage system—neatly store your tools in your garage or barn when not in use


BigToolRack easily attaches to your tractor’s 3-point hitch and still gives you the ability to tow a trailer at the same time. This rack has so many uses all year long! I spent a lot of time developing BigToolRack to make your life easier and more productive.

Loaded BRT on Kubota in NC

The real beauty is you can outfit your rack the way you want it to fit your needs. 


No more running back and forth to the garage or barn for the tools you need to do the job. I think you will agree that the system sells itself. The BigToolRack converts your tractor into a UTV and so much more! 

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It just makes sense…


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