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7 midsize utility tractors for your acreage


We all know that one guy or gal who’s never satisfied with their equipment: More this, more of that, better something-else. One thing these folks can usually agree on is the need for MORE POWER when tackling tough jobs around the farm.


Enter the midsize utility tractor, those ranging in horsepower from 50 hp up to around 110 hp. For decades, this has been a sweet spot among manufacturers. Bringing together sturdy, heavy-duty construction, advanced features, and the ability to pull or lift just about anything around the farm, midsize utility tractor is what most city people envision when thinking of “farm tractor.”


That’s because it is the midsize utility tractor that does all the work, especially those with front loaders. Consider the implements and attachments available, including harrows, rotary mowers, box scrapers, blades, sprayers, tillers…the list seems endless.


 Here are seven of 2022’s hardest working and most useful tractors in this horsepower range.




yanmar359The 58 hp Yanmar YT359 tractor is designed to make work easier for people of all skill levels. The auto-throttle controls engine and travel speed with the accelerator/drive pedal. This makes operating the tractor like driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission. A/B Mode lets you preset your maximum travel speed. An anti-stall feature keeps your engine running when you dig or lift a heavy load. There’s also cruise control to keep you moving efficiently when mowing or traveling for long stretches. Yanmar designs and builds the major components, engine, front axle, transmission, and final drive, to work together.

Yanmar America




WORKMASTER 120 Poultry House Special

NewHollandWM105poultryFor comfort, simplicity and visibility, the New Holland WORKMASTER 120 Poultry House Special blends all three. This tractor has been designed specifically to allow operators to easily clear and move around low poultry houses or any other facility with limited clearance.  At 100 PTO horsepower, this tractor’s efficient, reliable engine provides high torque to power through tough applications and includes an engine-reversing fan to clear radiator vanes. It features a 12x12 transmission and powerful hydraulics with up to 31.3 GPM and up to 6,200 lbs. of 3-pt lift capacity.


New Holland Agriculture



Utility 75A 

FarmallUtility75AThe Farmall utility 75A tractor from Case IH makes short work out of long days with a superior cab environment and outstanding visibility. The tractor offers more standard features than the competition, including a radio, two rear hydraulic remotes and a high-visibility roof panel. In addition, the 74 hp Farmall 75A tractor has no diesel particulate filter and no regeneration, allowing producers to keep their tractors running chore after chore. The tractor is engineered with heavy-duty powertrain components for a longer-lasting, durable machine.







JdeeretractorThe 50 hp John Deere 4052R Compact Utility Tractor, known for its powerful Yanmar 4-cylinder engine, provides top of the line power with the latest technology for fuel economy, control and accuracy, and reducing the environmental impact. The attractive and functional appearance of the tractor allows for optimum sealing of the cooling compartment, wraparound-style halogen headlights, and an aggressively sloped hood design offering improved visibility. The 4052R’s electronic hydrostatic transmission allows the operator to match the speed of the tractor to that of the job.

Deere & Company





kiotinsThe KIOTI NS6010 tractor was designed to meet the needs of value-conscious customers who require a powerful tractor and a larger platform. The model features a 58-hp engine and comes standard with features like power steering, rear remote hydraulic valve, rear PTO, as well as an independent PTO with auto and manual selection. For operator comfort, the NS6010 comes standard with a deluxe suspension seat, an ergonomic operator system and LED projection head and working lamps allowing for both daytime and evening use. Plus, the CDRI KIOTI diesel engine offers improved fuel efficiency with reduced noise levels and powerful performance.

KIOTI Tractor





KUBOTALANDPRIDEThe Kubota M7060 is redesigned and re-equipped with advanced features including a Common Rail System (CRS) with Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler for powerful yet clean performance. The ergonomically designed Cab provides for comfortable operation to tackle tough jobs with ease. The Kubota M-Series front loader has been fully integrated into the tractor design with a slanted boom to match the tractor’s hood, and provides superior lifting power, perfect for farm and ranch use.

Kubota Tractor Corporation




5711 D Mid-Range Tractor

MFTRACTORThe 110-horsepower Massey Ferguson 5711 D Dyna-4 tractor is the perfect blend of power and performance. It pairs a 4.4-liter AGCO Power four-cylinder engine with the award-winning Dyna-4 transmission, resulting in the ultimate hay-making machine with power to spare. A power shift transmission offers four ranges and four gears for the perfect speed during baling, no matter the terrain or crop load. A standard Brake-to-Neutral feature allows the operator to simply press the brake to stop the tractor, eliminating the need to declutch. Speedmatching, another standard feature, shifts gears within a range to maintain a constant speed.

Massey Ferguson/AGCO






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