Peer-Group Chicken Coops

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What hens wouldn’t want to roost here?


Chicken-keepers, think of all your hens do for you: Eggs every day (usually), endless entertainment, and they really don’t ask for much other than basic care. And yet, so many chicken-keepers provide only rudimentary housing for them, often just D-I-Y from scrap wood and other castoffs. (Gasp!)


Your hens should enjoy life in a top-tier chicken coop! Those presented here are designed, first, with your chickens in mind, offering convenient access for both birds and keepers, as well as safety, thoughtful, and well-made design to keep the elements at bay.


Take a look at some of these peerless coop designs that will keep you, your hens and probably even your neighbors happy.



Roost & Rootroostandroottealadies

The Round-Top Walk-In Chicken Coop will allow you to spoil yourself and your chickens with more room, more features, and awesome attention to detail. Made with real cedar and heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized predator-proof welded wire. This coop offers an XL version for a run total of over 100ft², allowing you to keep up to 25 birds. Four giant egg boxes can be accessed from either inside or outside the coop and an available built-in waterer and feeder system make daily chores a breeze. 


Shipped in one palletized crate via freight so you can easily stage it at your building site. This coop comes as a kit with pre-drilled holes, a tool kit,  and easy-to-assemble panels that allow for a build time of 8-12 hours by two people, saving tremendous time in designing and measuring a coop yourself. 

Roost & Root



Rita Marie’s Chicken CoopsRitaMarieredquaker

A favorite this year at Rita Marie’s has been the 7x12 Quaker-style coop with storage room. This layout features a 4’x7’ walk-through shed area for storage of feed, tools and materials, with easy walk-in access into the hen house. Each room has natural light and ventilation, and the hen house has openings on 3 walls for a cross-breeze in the summer time. The hen house features two roosting bars, nesting boxes with outside access, and a chicken “pop” door to the outside. These coops are pre-built by Rita Marie’s experienced Amish crew, and are ready to use on delivery day. They are made from housing materials, and are built to last. 

Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops



Carolina Coopscarolinacoop

For more than a decade, Carolina Coops has been designing and handcrafting the world’s best chicken coops. They’ve raised the bar for chicken coop design and elevated the expectation of what a coop should be. With different sizes and options available, each coop is a masterful marriage of form and function.  The Craftsman Coop has an 8’x8’ walk-in henhouse-shed combo with an 8’x18’ attached run. Built with premium Douglas fir and board and batten siding, it boasts a split roof design, custom stained-glass window, Dutch door on the run, heated poultry water system, and internal feed hopper. 


Like all Carolina Coops, the Craftsman Coop has a deep litter bed, which allows people to go over a year without cleaning the henhouse! Many coops are turnkey installations. Carolina Coops perfected a system to enable the coops to be shipped worldwide and assembled by the customer.

Carolina Coops



The Little Cottage CompanyIMG_8518

If you’re budget-minded but simply unwilling to skimp on quality, The Little Cottage Company’s value line of sheds is the perfect choice. Available in four styles, these sheds boast the same high-quality Amish craftsmanship found in their top-of-the-line premium models. However, to keep this line of sheds highly affordable, the company selected only their most popular models, slightly limited the customization features available, and sought out more fund-friendly materials—giving you a great product at a great price. Manufactured in Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio, these are Pre-Cut Kits. Everything is cut to lengths and ready for assembly. You would only have to purchase the shingles, roof drip edge, and paint. The LP SMARTSIDE Paneling comes primed for paint and has a 50 year Rot Resistant Warranty.

The Little Cottage Company



Horizon StructuresHorizonstructurescombocoop

New for 2023 is the “Egg  Roll” all-in-one coop and run kit. Horizon Structures’ Amish-made chicken coops arrive at your door fully assembled and ready for immediate use.  There are several styles to choose from and a wide range of sizes—coops for small, backyard flocks of 2-3 hens to coops that can accommodate 40 or more birds.  All coops are built-to-order with many upgrades, options and customizations available.  These“chicken friendly” are designed to deter predators. Made from high quality and durable materials, they are built to withstand the elements and keep your flock safe and happy for many years. Stock models are always available for Quick Ship! Horizon can deliver anywhere within the Continental U.S.

Horizon Structures




EZ-Fit Shedsfourbysixcoop

Enjoy free-range, fresh eggs with your own chicken coop! This 4 x 6 EZ-fit Chicken Coop houses 12 to 14 chickens. Quickly move the coop across your pasture or backyard with our EZ-skid Runners. Hitch up your garden tractor and you’re ready to go!  Runners are zinc galvanized to prevent rusting. The coop is delivered partially assembled and the primed Smartside Siding is easy to paint. Only basic assembly skills are required. Standard features include egg collection box, chicken door, ramp, inside roost, predator-resistant wire mesh, and more.

Ez-Fit Sheds



Dakota Storagedakotastoragecoop

Enclosed Chicken Coops from Dakota Storage Company come equipped with a spacious run for contained roaming space, convenient nesting boxes, and a comfortable roost for the chickens to perch, everything your flock needs to thrive. Enclosed Chicken Coops offer maximum protection and a comfortable shelter for your chickens while ensuring daily egg collection and care is convenient. These premium warranty-backed chicken coops are available in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northeast Nebraska, and north-central Iowa.

Dakota Storage Buildings



The Chicken Coop Companythechickencoopcompany

Made of materials made to last, our chicken coops add charm and rustic beauty while also keeping your chickens safe from predators. 


And with our sleek styling, they’ll look right at home in any neighborhood. Our Rhode Island Homestead has been featured on HGTV, and Oprah – the coop chosen by Meghan Markle & Prince Harry – dubbed “Archie’s Chick Inn.” The quality of our coops is second to none. We use long-lasting durable wood along with galvanized wire mesh, and stainless-steel hardware for extra security, so there’s no need to worry about pests, predators, or disease.  


Our coops arrive flat-packed in easy to assemble panels with pre-drilled and marked holes, designed for easy assembly – and with our easy-to-follow assembly video, you’ll be admiring it in no time.

The Chicken Coop Company




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