The Steiner 450

Posted by AcreageLife on Mar 1, 2023 11:05:17 AM

One machine, every season.  


Get the functionality and versatility you need with one machine and multiple attachments. The Steiner 450 is a 4-wheel drive, articulating, oscillating get-it-done machine built for one thing— working. And that includes mowing, blowing, lifting, hauling, plowing, digging, dumping, dozing and more. This work horse has unmatched traction and the stability to work on slopes up to 30 degrees. Plus the Quick-Hitch™ system lets you switch out attachments in a matter of minutes without the use of tools. Available attachments include:


  • Flail Mower to give you the perfect cut and finish
  • Flex Deck Mower to tackle uneven turf
  • Rough-cut Mower for cutting tall grasses and saplings down to size
  • Side-Discharge Rotary Mower for precision cutting
  • Stump Cutter for chopping through stumps and roots
  • Core Aerator to reduce compaction and improve turf health
  • Power Angle Blade for snow plowing, mulch wrangling and more 
  • Rotary Sweeper for clearing leaves, debris and light snow
  • Turbine Power Blower that’s big on power, not on noise
  • Slip Scoop with commercial-grade lifting power
  • Professional Snow Blower for heavy snow removal
  • V-Blade for breaking snow banks and more

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