Three Implements You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When you get a compact or subcompact tractor, it is quickly apparent there are hundreds of attachments on the market, making which implements you should purchase a tough decision. With so many options on the market, how do you decide which implements you should choose first? 


Luckily, Travis Hoyt, sales manager at Homestead Implements, has insight into the top three implements you didn’t know you needed. 




These implements include a Grapple, Box Blade, and a Receiver Hitch & Carry basket. 


Before jumping into these three implements, it’s important to understand what makes them a great option for your tractor. 



‘Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to tractor attachments.’


Travis continues: “The more versatile the attachment, the more projects you can complete, and the faster it can pay for itself.”


He warns that sometimes implements seem expensive, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Spending a little more right away can save you a lot later. 


Grappling with your problems

The first implement you didn’t know you needed is a grapple. A grapple is one of, if not, the most useful attachments you could ever purchase. With the ability to lift logs, grab brush, rip out roots, and so much more, you will wish you had bought one from the start. 


Grapple owners will tell you it lives on their tractor 99% of the time, and they rarely take it off for any project. 

grapple boulder

“Grapples can be used for any project you need to grab, move, or even tear something apart. Many property owners use a grapple to remove unwanted trees and rocks,” Travis says.


When looking at a grapple, there are a few things to look for. There is a multitude of different versions, which all have strengths and weaknesses, but one of the most versatile styles is the root grapple with 2 cylinders. When looking at any grapple, you will want to find one that is as light as possible while maintaining strength. The strength comes from the materials and the engineering design (gussets/tubing/etc.). 


You will also want to find one that is rated for your tractor. If you put a sub-compact grapple on a utility tractor, it will not hold up because it is not rated for that machine. 


Won’t box you in

The second implement you didn’t know you needed is a box blade. A box blade can spread material from one area to another, smooth out your property, and remove snow. Box blades can add material to a roadway to fix potholes while smoothing it out or remove extra material from a high spot of your property to level it out. 


In northern states, people use the box blade to pull snow away from the building and pile it up. 



“When looking for a box blade having ripper shanks is essential,” Travis advises. “You may not use them for every project, but when you need to loosen material before smoothing it out, the ripper shanks make a huge difference.” You should also consider the materials used and the weight. The heavier the box blade, the easier it is to cut into the material while doubling as a rear ballast. 


Carry that weight

The third implement you didn’t know you needed is a hitch and carry basket. Receiver hitches make moving trailers a breeze while doubling as a great place to hook chains to pull out stuck machines. The most versatile hitches have adjustable heights and chain locks while doubling as a place to add a carry basket. Carry baskets make it easy to carry your equipment and tools. 

hitch mounted basket

“When logging, clearing trails of fallen logs, or fixing old equipment in the field, a carry basket is the tool people tend to overlook.” Travis says. “When you can carry multiple chainsaws, bar oil, fuel, and a toolbox in one trip, you will never go back.”


These three implements that will pay for themselves over and over and day after day, making it important to look for a quality company to purchase from. Dealers sell implements from companies they trust, but sometimes you can find better attachments and deals by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers such as Homestead Implements pride themselves on being American-made, making quality attachments, and providing great customer service. 


“When searching for your next attachment, Travis advises, “look for an American manufacturer; you never know what you may find.”


Thanks to Homestead Implements for contributing to this article.

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