Your Snowblower Won’t Blow If It Don’t Go

Posted by Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor on Oct 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor

4 steps to be ready for what winter has in store


Despite best intentions, it seems like every year I have to take the snowblower to the repair shop after the SECOND snowfall of the season. The first snowfall always takes me by surprise, and melts before I can bring the snowblower out from the dark corner of the garage when it has been hibernating since last April. 


What’s with the second snowfall? That’s because it won’t start. So, don’t be like me; don’t be a dope.


Follow these steps now, before winter blows in


1. On a warm sunny day, bring the snowblower out of the garage and give it a thorough cleaning with a hose and rag—you can’t see what’s wrong if it’s covered in grime and leaves.


2. A snowblower is a lawnmower with a different face. That means you should change the oil, remove and clean (or replace) the spark plug, and clean or replace the air filter.



sparkplugWhile the sparkplug is out, manually turn the augers to check for free motion. If it’s bound up, go directly to the repair shop


3. Spray lubricate all cables and moving parts to make sure they move freely. Pneumatic tires should be inflated to proper pressure.


4. The most important step of all: start with a full tank of fresh ethanol-free gasoline. 


With all this behind you, the snowblower should start on the first pull. Or the second.



Oh, you have one of the new battery-powered snowblowers? Good for you! 

Just remember to plug the power units in so they have a fresh charge.


Here’s a handy how-to from Toro


See 5 tips in action





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