10 Reasons Why Harvest Time Is The Best Time

Posted by Michelle Miller, The Farm Babe on Oct 14, 2021 10:30:15 AM
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When hard work actually pays off

Harvest is upon us! And with that comes some of the best times of the year. 

What excites you—agritourism and “you-pick” orchards? Pick-your-own pumpkins? For me it’s pumpkin spice everything, big chunky sweaters, and new boots and fall clothing. 

Farmer surveying his crop during harvest

And it’s also “go time” for farmers who are working practically nonstop in the fields during the t the busiest time of the year for them.


Here are ten reasons why harvest time is the best time!


1.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
You’ve worked hard all year or season. Despite the fact that you could’ve had the best growing season ever, it doesn’t matter until that harvest happens and the crop is in the bin. 


Harvest often times means payday! The reason why you grow it all is to bring in profits to keep farming and there’s no greater feeling than seeing that hard work pay off—physically, financially, and mentally.


2.  Being one with nature
Running the combine can startle the woodland creatures. Ever come up on deer running out of the field? It’s a beautiful sight where harvest often coincides with deer hunting and we get the chance to be up-close with nature.


3.  Leaves are changing in crisp fall air.
Fall farmers market season is in full swing with beautiful harvests, produce items are in season, and you get a chance to directly chat and smile with your customers, nature and community. The scenery all around is lovely. Enjoy the falling leaves and the change of pace with those around you.


4.  Use your farm equipment!
Get a new tractor? Upgrade the combine? Maybe you’re just itching to drive your favorite farm equipment. Today, technology plays a role in getting your crop in the bin and finally dusting it all off to put some hours in is one of the best parts of harvest.


5.  The best sunsets and sunrises!
They don’t call it “God's Country” for nothing. Harvest hours are long, waking up before sunrise and bedtime long after sunset. This means you get to enjoy that beautiful country view. It just never gets old.

Crisp fall air and beautiful sunrises

6.  Feeling of accomplishment.
The sense of pride when working God’s land comes along with a sense of family pride. Between the successful and not-so-successful days, it’s always refreshing to finish what you’ve worked hard on.


7.  Field and family surprises.
Balancing work and family is hard. But isn’t it exciting to see the next generation get excited about farming? Watching a child in the cab fall asleep next to you to with the sound of the running combine can be heartwarming moment. 


When the days are consecutively long, don’t be surprised if kids, spouses, and other relatives show up to greet you in the field, take a spin in your farm equipment, and learn about how it all works.


8.  Meals in the field.
With many farmers running long days in the field, finding time to eat can be a challenge. This is when crock pots come in handy: Keep your food warm until you’re ready to be home! Also, family can bring meals to you in the field or you’ll pack dinner beforehand. 


9.  Family and community help and camaraderie—
That sense of teamwork with multiple generations involved. During planting and harvest, multiple sets of extra hands are needed. But who are those extra hands? Relatives, sure, but sometimes entire communities come together. In Idaho, students even get time off of school to help during potato harvest!)


10.  A time to advocate.
Harvest time is the best time to share your story with the world. Bust out your smartphone and take a video or snap a few pics. Highlight the work you do! 


Social media is a great way to advocate and help people learn where their food comes from. There are countless people who delight seeing how food and fiber goes from field to fork or fashion, Harvest is a great time to show it off.


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When not tending to her own 17-acre farm, Michelle Miller aka The Farm Babe is a writer, public speaker, and social media influencer on food and modern agriculture. Learn more about her at thefarmbabe.com.

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