7 Things to Know Before Buying Rural Property

Posted by AcreageLife on May 17, 2022 1:55:00 PM

First, know what you want out of country life


While buying rural land can feel like a stressful and even treacherous process, the reward of owning your dream property is worth it! When buying property, particularly rural land properties, taking the time to talk to a specialized real estate agent, considering development costs, researching local laws and understanding property taxes are key factors to your search. 


Here are a few things to know before buying rural property:


  1. Consider what you want to use the land for. Are you looking to build a house, start a hobby farm or use as a recreational property? Outline your goals and plans for the property and your future. 
  2. Research and gather all available information about the property and its history. Be sure to look at the land’s value, yearly forecast, access to water and electricity, and geographic data.
  3. Set a realistic budget. Consider additional fees besides the property’s listed price, including cost of development, building costs, and property taxes.  
  4. Talk to experts. Hearing from local and rural land experts can help you understand more about the key factors associated with purchasing a rural property. 
  5. Get to know the area that the property is in. How close are the outside resources for household supplies, groceries, gasoline, farm supplies and medical care? 
  6. Look carefully at buildings and structures located on the property. If you  want o build you own home on a piece of land, make sure to learn about the property’s access to water and electricity. If you are wanting to start a farm, learn about the soil, irrigation and weather.   
  7. Find a reputable agent who specializes in buying and selling rural real estate. Chances are, an established and reputable real estate agent dealing in rural property can help you  find answers related to the land in question.


United Country Real Estate has hundreds of agents across the nation who specialize in lifestyle and rural real estate. Find a trusted agent to help you find the rural property that best suits you and your goals today. 


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