Every Barn Has a Story

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Modern barns build history with modern twists


What tales could a barn on your acreage tell! Would it talk of equipment storage? Championship stables? Sleepovers? Dances and parties? Weddings?

A barn that is also a wedding and event venue

Today’s barn designs are often more about life than simply farm work. Equipment shed/storage buildings are being built, but the most exciting new designs combine traditional uses with some space for office, living, relaxation, or hobbies.


Work and play

Barn spaces are all about function, but most designs also carve out space for humans to occupy, while retaining the building’s functional purpose.


Consider the convenience of a heated or air-conditioned office for farm-related business…only steps away from whatever else you put into your barn.

Your barn could be a wedding venue or business

Some families have designed in guest rooms, getaway spaces, venues, or areas for prized collections.


Whether you use modern construction with steel and wood, or traditional post and beam, your barn personal.


Living room

Timber frame barns converted to residences never fail to take your breath away. The sheer height of a barn’s interior provides a ton of interior volume to promote “airiness,” but it also shows off the beauty of antique design.

A breathtaking view of a barn home

Exposed wood’s natural beauty in post and beam construction makes old barns ripe for conversion to living space. Many companies specialize in harvesting old barn wood just for this purpose, blending new techniques with old, lovingly-presented natural weathered wood.

Barn homes offer incredible interior volume

Whether you purchase a custom barn or adapt a pre-engineered kit, several companies specialize in creating post and beam structures to create a barn-style living space with all the modern conveniences.


Today’s barn designs allow for your imagination and creativity to take flight.

Authentic wood style 

This 1,656 sq. ft. post and beam barn sits on an acreage just on the edge of town. The owners wanted an authentic wood barn that could serve a changing family needs. The main level is home to two horses while the second is used as party barn/entertaining space. This size of this kit makes it functional for a variety of uses. Another common use of this kit is as a workshop below with living space up top or as a full-time residence.

Barn storage can be beautiful and functional

—Legacy Post & Beam legacypostandbeam.com


Storage made beautiful

Your barn can be designed to store anythingThis barn showcases the diversity of post and beam. Its main function is a storage barn for classic vehicles and a full-size RV. However, the beauty of timber frame construction has found it utilized for family weddings and private events. It features a partial loft on the second floor and an open lean-to porch.

Creating a barn storage area can transform your property

—Legacy Post & Beam legacypostandbeam.com



Thanks to barngeek.com, Legacy Post & Beam, Sand Creek Post & Beam, Beam Barns, The Rustic Wedding Barn, and others for photos and inspiration.

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