Holiday Wish List: More hobby farm animals

Posted by AcreageLife on Nov 16, 2022 7:29:00 AM

Preparation matters for every species


If you’re a backyard chicken enthusiast like us, expanding your flock or even adding other species might be an item on your holiday wish list. With all the hobby farm animals to choose from, where do you start? These questions might help narrow down your options to find the best animals for you:


What are your animal goals? Do you want to raise food? Or add more animal companions? Be realistic with your goals for raising more animals. 


What animals are allowed in your neighborhood? We can’t stress this enough—learn your local ordinances for raising animals before bringing any home. Make sure to talk to local officials about adding any animals to your hobby farm. 


How much space do you have? A starter flock of backyard chickens takes very little space in your backyard, but a horse or goat takes up much more! Consider small- to medium-sized animals if you have a smaller space for raising them. 


How much time do you have? More animals can sound fun, but keep in mind: the more animals you add to your backyard farm, the more time it will take to care for them.  


How sturdy are your fences? Sturdy, strong fences will keep your animals safe and your neighbors happy. 


How much are you willing to spend raising animals? Besides the purchase cost, your new animals will need feed, equipment, bedding and occasional visits from veterinarians. Talk to friends or neighbors who have hobby farms and get a sense of what they’re spending each year. 


Do your neighbors know about your hobby farm plans? Animals bring fun, companionship, and delicious fresh products, but also add noise, smells, and flies. Discuss your plans with neighbors and be proactive about addressing their worries. It never hurts to share your farm bounty with them, either!  


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