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2023’s Top 5 gardening trends


The home and garden boom started with more people staying at home during the pandemic and it will continue in 2023, say the editors of These Top 5 home and garden trends for 2023 will encourage homeowners and renters to spend even more time at home.


#1: Tropical houseplants

Every day, more households add tropical and exotic plants to their indoor spaces. In addition to traditional plants, indoor gardeners are increasingly adding more exotic varieties.


Sales are booming at Logee’s Tropical Plants in Connecticut and online at Fruiting, rare, and tropical plants that can grow indoors in containers are popular, along with indoor lemon trees, flowering ginger plants, and fragrant jasmine plants.


#2: Meadow gardens

Lawns are getting downsized but America is in a mini meadow boom. Meadows consist of wildflower plants easily grown from seed. The flowers are gorgeous, and they help feed and sustain native pollinators.


According to Mike “The Seed Man” Lizotte, author of Mini Meadows, all you need is a few square feet of garden space in a sunny location. To plant a mini meadow, read the tips for planting a mini meadow garden and buy high-quality seeds from companies like Botanical Interests.


#3: A chemical-free paradise

Younger homeowners have fully embraced the “organic lifestyle,” leading to a chemical-free environment in their homes and gardens. Instead of using harsh chemicals to control fungus gnats in potted plants, a natural bacterium called BTI is being used to naturally kill the fungus gnat larvae. BTI products like Mosquito Bits are easy to use and free of chemicals.


#4: Cordless electric tools

A love for the latest technology has combined with a new-found appreciation for battery powered tools—sales of cordless electric vacuum cleaners are growing. Outside, gasoline-powered tools are being ditched for battery-powered lawn mowers and even cordless electric chain saws.


#5: Suburban homesteadsroostandroottealadies

A suburban dream of homesteading means having a few chickens in the backyard. The Millennial generation has embraced the practice of building a small chicken coop and keeping a small flock of egg-laying hens. is a top online source for information about homes, gardens and homesteads of all sizes, posting articles on gardening, DIY projects, home improvements, home technology, backyard chickens, eco-friendly pest control, and more.


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