5 Tips to Bring Personality to your Farmhouse

Posted by Jessica Dilger on Jun 10, 2020 6:00:00 AM

The one sure way to create a farmhouse space that is fun, functional, and yet still causes a flutter to your heart is to bring elements of your own personality to bear. No one else is like you, and no one else has the same interests, beliefs, and memories—so why not capitalize on your uniqueness?

Family mementoes? Snippets of a collection? Craft-made projects? Check, check, and check. Used judiciously and when combined with other design elements, your farmhouse can become a place of refuge that is uniquely—and deliciously—you.


Let’s take a look at five tips that will bring purpose to your home decor design

  1. Baskets:  I have a confession: I own an insane amount of baskets. Why? Well, while they look adorable tucked on a shelf and or under a table. But the truth is they contain the mess I don’t want anyone to see, and do it in a fashionable way! 


Baskets are a great way to hold the things that you don’t really have a place for but that you need.  You can use them in any room and in any way you wish. I love baskets, if nothing else for that very reason. 


(“My name is Jessica and I’m a basket hoarder. Imaginary audience: ‘Hi Jessica!’”) 


  1. Decorative Accents: These are what my mom would call “decorative knick-knacks” and are also a personal-preference purchase. I prefer rustic accents such as jars, unique little statues, and of course a mix of industrial and rustic pieces.  Really, this should be something that makes you happy! 

Side Note: Try choosing pieces in your color scheme.  A color scheme is usually a white, a neutral tone, and three colors.  I’ll get into that in a future article, I promise. 


  1. Shelving: Shelves, whether it be book shelves or wall shelves, not only provide a place to tuck away treasures, but are an easy way to create storage. (You can put your baskets here!)

  1. Candles and candle holders:  Candles are a great way to add a tantalizing scent to a space, but can be found in so many shapes and sizes. Look beyond pillar candles and you can find a variety of galvanized tins, mason jars, and bread bowl candles, creating a scent and a decor piece all in one. 


  1.  Plants and Greenery: Adding plants to your home gives a fresh feeling to any space. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s ok! There are plenty of faux plants that look just as amazing as their real counterparts. 


Tip: Succulents are an easy plant that are so versatile and really popular in decor.  Harddy Succulents (harddy.com) ships all over the U.S. There are many shapes and sizes, each with characters all their own. 

The best design elements are those that have a dual purpose. Living on my farm I know that, within reason, functionality is key. You have also probably noticed that I keep stressing to add pieces that make your heart happy. Our “day job” involves creating quarterly decor boxes for subscribers. (fmfarmhouse.com) 


The influencers we work with most are the people whose homes have character and are lived in.  Yes, a lot of them have the shiplap that we all love, or the board-and-batten walls, but it’s complimented by the personalities of those who live there. 


Note that pleasing-yet-functional interior design is a journey, not a destination—you do not have to have all of the things listed above. (And if it just doesn’t work this week, change it out to something different next week.) 

Rather, they are just a guide to help your creative juices get going. I hope that some of this can provide some direction to find your own, unique style of farmhouse. 



About the author

Jessica Dilger writes from “Shoo Fly Ranch,”  a homesteaded acreage in southwest Washington state where she lives with her family, 30 or so chickens, 14 cows, two bottle calves, and a new bottle-goat named Jerry. She also operates FM Farmhouse, a quarterly decor subscription box program.

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