A Greenhouse For Every Budget

Posted by Randall D. Schultz on Feb 8, 2019 9:13:30 AM
Randall D. Schultz

Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s warm and toasty inside the greenhouse.

Even when there’s snow on the ground, it’s always summer in the greenhouse. The controlled climate inside makes it possible to raise garden plants—especially homegrown fruits and vegetables— all year long.
An impressive variety of greenhouse styles, sizes and price points is available: lightweight portables, kits with permanent foundations, and actual professional-quality structures.


Gothic Arch performanceGreenHouse_002

A Gothic Arch is one of the strongest architectural shapes known. The heart of a Gothic Arch Greenhouse is the sturdy, energy-efficient arch made of Bald Cypress wood. The hand-crafted structural arches are always at an ideal angle toward the sun. Because of the high profile of the ridge, a Gothic Arch Greenhouse is perfect for growing taller plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and many tropical trees. The Gothic Arch design encourages condensation run-off inside the greenhouse, and the design also prevents snow accumulation on the roof.
Three greenhouse covering options are available: corrugated polycarbonate, 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate, and 8 mm triple-wall polycarbonate. Greenhouses are available in five widths—from eight to 22 feet in four-foot increments. The greenhouse can be installed directly on the ground, or the structure can be placed on a foundation wall to raise the height of the roof. Visit gothicarchgreenhouses.com or call 800-531-4769.


GreenHouse_003A RIGA greenhouse for year-round growing

Designed and engineered in Germany to meet European quality standards, a RIGA Greenhouse offers the perfect growing environment even in the coldest days of winter. The standard RIGA has a heavy-duty frame with 8mm and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls, while the professional level RIGA XL boasts thicker profiles with 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate for superior insulation throughout the winter. The thick, UV-coated polycarbonate glazing also provides diffused sunlight to protect plants during hot summers. Automatic roof vents, a wide front Dutch-style door and a rear window provide increased ventilation.
An optional in-ground concrete-free foundation frame is available. Greenhouses are available in many sizes from 7’8” wide by 7’ long to 9’8” by 17’6”. The larger 14’ wide RIGA XL Greenhouses come in lengths from 16’5” to 29’6”. RIGA Greenhouse kits are available from  exaco.com, 877-760-8500.


The greenhouse for your hobbyGreenHouse_004

The American Hobby Greenhouse comes with aluminum construction with built in potting benches and shelves. The greenhouse has a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan ventilation system which aids in preventing plant diseases.
The American Hobby Greenhouse is available in either curved or straight eave design. The glazing available is either glass or polycarbonate. The American Hobby Greenhouse comes in 6’, 8’, 9’ or 10’ wide models.  Learn more at texasgreenhouse.com or call 800-227-5447.


GreenHouse_005No assembly with MI Green House

In the world of backyard greenhouses, an MI Green House stands unique. There is no assembly required, no electricity is needed to operate the solar-powered roof vents, and no maintenance is needed. MI Green Houses come as a single, one-piece unit delivered to your site. The Gothic design of the roof adds strength and durability, and is effective at shedding show and ice. The unique automatic venting system uses beeswax cylinders that naturally expand in warmth to open the vents. Three sizes are available: an 8-foot “Hobby” model, 15-foot standard size and the 28.5-foot “Homesteader” model, all made in Central Michigan. Call 989-544-2443 or visit migreenhouse.com


A kit greenhouse with styleGreenHouse_006

Kit greenhouses come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. The Glory Premium Class Greenhouse by Palram is elegantly designed to provide ideal conditions all year long. The wide entrance door and greenhouse accessories control the ventilation inside to help maintain optimal temperature and moisture levels. The tall profile gives lots of headroom and height for large plants. The galvanized, rust-resistant steel perimeter base adds height and structural support. The aluminum frame is powder coated with a dark anthracite finish. Two sizes are available: 8 x 8 feet and 8 x 12 feet. For more information visit  burpee.com.


GreenHouse_007A greenhouse heater for those cold nights

Many greenhouses need a heating boost in the coldest months. BioGreen electric heaters provide dependable and affordable heat. The 1,500-watt, 5,118 BTU BioGreen Palma heater easily keeps 120 square feet warm for plants of all types. This floor-standing heater has a high-circulation fan that helps keep mold from forming. The heater casing is made from stainless steel, and the unit is engineered in Germany for energy efficiency and years of worry-free use. The BioGreen Palma heater sells for about $119 on Amazon.com. The BioGreen Phoenix heater is designed to heat larger greenhouses. Visit  biogreen-products.com.


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