Q. How Do I Get The Most From My Wood Stove?

Posted by Glenda Lehman Ervin on Jan 19, 2023 9:38:00 AM
Glenda Lehman Ervin

A. Lehman’s has been selling wood heating and cooking stoves for over six decades, answering thousands of questions.

Here’s what we have learned.


  1. Use a stove fan. Not only will a stove fan push warm air from your wood-burning stove through the room, it rotates for efficient distribution and it doesn’t use an electricity. DeluxeHeatPoweredStoveFanNickel
  2. Burn dry, seasoned wood. Moisture is the natural enemy of a roaring fire and green wood can cause of buildup of creosote. Spring is the best time chop and stack your firewood, as six months is the recommended seasoning time. stackfirewood
  3. The best firewood species are oak, maple or ash wood.  Because they are soft and full of resin try to avoid pine, poplar, cedar, eucalyptus, and alder. 
  4. Keep your chimney clean. Creosote buildup not only makes your stove less efficient, it could be a safety issue. 
  5. Ensure the stove is properly installed. It’s important to have the correct pipe system in place, as well as proper clearance, and have a hearth pad under the stove. 
  6. Warm frozen wood for a week or so before burning. Frozen firewood creates a smoldering fire, not the roaring blaze you want. 
  7. Burn at the correct temperature. The right temperature is between 260 and 460 degrees. Use a stove thermometer to ensure the fire is the proper heat.
  8. Burn ONLY seasoned wood, not your junk mail, newspaper or magazines, using an all-natural firestarter is best. salchopswood
  9. Open the door about 30 minutes before starting a fire. The inside of your stove can be much colder than your house and this will ensure you have a good draft when you start your fire. 
  10. Leave a layer of ash on the bottom of your stove to insulate hot coals.




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