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Posted by Michelle Miller, The Farm Babe on Feb 17, 2022 11:24:56 AM
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Top ten “Women in Ag” advocates on social media to follow now

In a world where people can be pretty far removed from where their food comes from, there’s never been a better time to advocate for agriculture. Social media icons



Social media gives us an opportunity to connect to all different types of farmers; and we all have our favorites, right? From Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, and more, here are just a few of many women in agriculture to follow on social media if you aren’t already.


  1. Food Science Babe—With nearly 500,000 followers, bring on the laughter…and the SCIENCE! “Food Science Babe” Erin is known for her funny videos that clear the air on scary-sounding additives in your food, while debunking popular myths surrounding food and agriculture. @foodsciencebabe on major platforms.
  2. New Mexico Milkmaid—As a dairy farmer, mom, and environmental scientist, Tara breaks barriers on sustainability and shares the real truth of agriculture—particularly in the dairy sector—while bringing personal stories of her family to the table. @newmexicomilkmaid 
  3. Modern Day Farm Chick—Annalise is a Wisconsin dairy farmer who keeps it real by sharing her family life and other passions besides just agriculture. Yes, you can be into beauty and fashion or anything else as a farmer…you don’t have to fit into a particular mold. Modern-day Farm Chick on Facebook.
  4. New York Farm Girls—One of the fun parts about NYFG is watching them grow up and follow their journey through life. The New York based sister trio has been through all sorts of changes from engagements to moving away for college to building a brand, an apparel line and more. Overall, they do a great job of creating a connection with their fan base while sharing the story of the dairy industry. @nyfarmgirls
  5. Minnesota Farm Living—Wanda is a grandma from southern Minnesota who farms pigs and row crops with her family. Wanda is especially good at talking policy and struggles within the ag sector while showcasing the real story behind life on the farm. The family raises thousands of pigs for Hormel and she does a great job debunking myths surrounding “factory” farming, that larger scale farms are family farms, too, and they really care about what they produce. Minnesota Farm Living on Facebook.
  6. Dairy Girl Fitness—Oh, Emily is pretty funny. The fitness and animal agriculture enthusiast doesn’t shy away from controversy or taking vegan animal rights activists head on. She incorporates diet and exercise while promoting animal protein and her funny voiceover Instagram videos are definitely worth a follow. @dairygirlfitness
  7. The Farmer’s Daughter USA—Former Michigan farm girl turned Indiana based lawyer does a great job calling out nonsense in agriculture. An outspoken advocate for farmers, follow her for more myth-busting and well-written blog posts, Amanda makes it easy for anyone to understand. @farmersdaughterusa on Facebook
  8. Courtenay DeHoff—Do you see yourself as a woman in ag who’s a “little fancy, little ranchy?” Courtenay has a platform that talks about how women in ag can be cowgirls and still dress up and look nice and fancy too! She even has her own podcast, line of apparel with the #fancyladycowgirl branded hashtag and her own line of fake eyelashes, to name a few. @courtdehoff on Instagram.
  9. Michele Payn—Michele is an author and speaker who’s written books like “No More Food Fights!”, “Food Bullying” and more. She fights for the cause of strengthening the message of agriculture overall. Michele Payn, Cause Matters Corp. on Facebook.
  10. Megan Kregel—@megan_dairygirl on TikTok? Yes, please! Iowa-based dairy farmer Megan has nearly 200,000 followers on that platform alone where she shares the story of real life dairy farming; debunking myths, sharing stories, and creating laughs along the way.

And one more: Farm Babe–As a public speaker and writer, I’m a dedicated “myth buster” in the food-and-farm space. My mission is to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. Look me up at Farm Babe on Facebook, @thefarmbabe on other platforms.

This list is domestically-based and there are many more great advocates out there that do an excellent job in other countries. Anyone can have a positive impact telling the story of where their food comes from, even if you aren’t necessarily a farmer! Look at the impact from celebrities like Mike Rowe, Ree Drummond, or Gordon Ramsay, to name a few. 


Together, we can all come together to strengthen the message of agriculture!


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