Writing it down

Posted by Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor on Mar 15, 2020 6:59:35 AM
Jonathan Reed, AcreageLife Editor

We all know the importance of keeping detailed financial records for both home and business.
But when it comes to your farm—even if it is a weekend hobby farm—have you ever considered the value of keeping records of your plans?

Write It Down

Now it the time to plan for your busy time. Write it down, taking month by month. You might want to list April, for instance, then give yourself reminders like “check weekly rainfall,” “make seed selection,” or “overhaul planter.”
If you write down what your plans are for your operation in advance of the growing season, you’ll have a record of how you thought the year would go. Keep it and refer to it—who among us doesn’t need regular reminders?
Check off your to-do items as they are completed. At the end of the year or this time next year, review your plans.
After a few years of growing seasons, you’ll be able to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and maybe even the last time you performed extensive work on your machinery.

‘When I rest, I rust’
This ancient German proverb speaks the truth. If you have any tools or machinery on your farm, the odds are pretty good that somewhere rust has grown.
There are numerous products that are great for removing rust safely and quickly. Small items like hand tools can be treated in a washtub or on a workbench with products like WD-40 Specialist Rust Remover Soak or Evapo-Rust. Remember, let time be your friend with these.
For larger items or objects that are vertical, like tractor wheels or sheet metal in place, look for thicker materials like Evapo-Rust gel that has the ability to cling to such surfaces.
Want to use products already in the house? Soaking in white vinegar overnight will often do the trick, but touching up with steel wool is practically required. A baking soda and water paste also removes rust, but this can dry out easily and requires occasional re-dampening.
Regardless of the method you use, be sure to treat the surfaces with a rust preventer or corrosion inhibitor.

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