'Operation Fresh Egg' for National Egg Day

Posted by AcreageLife on Jun 3, 2021 2:43:46 PM
Spread kindness this summer
In celebration of National Egg Day on June 3, Purina Animal Nutrition is kicking off Operation Fresh Egg – a nationwide flock community act of kindness. Purina donates thousands of eggs locally from its backyard chicken coops at the Purina Farm in Missouri, and now wants backyard chicken raisers to join in the mission to spread kindness.
Egg carton labels from Purina
Purina hopes chicken keepers will surprise family, friends, or neighbors with a happy note and a carton of fresh eggs--they are even supplying egg carton labels.
Purina hatched up this idea because there are so many new backyard flocks (an estimated 1 million households joined the backyard chicken movement in 2020) and there are now more fresh eggs than ever before.
Operation Fresh Egg collage
How to join Purina in Operation Fresh Egg:
  • Grab your egg collecting basket and load it up with fresh eggs.
  • Visit the Purina website to download and print Operation Fresh Egg egg carton labels and greeting cards to add to your eggs.
  • Share your backyard eggs with anyone who could use a little kindness in their day – family, friends, neighbors, etc.!
  • Then, capture your act of kindness and share it using hashtag #OperationFreshEgg on Instagram or Facebook.
Who can you surprise with fresh eggs?
Share a carton of fresh eggs with anyone who could use a surprise act of kindness in their day, including friends, neighbors, health care workers, coaches, teachers, etc.
Many food banks and summer food programs also accept fresh food donations – just call ahead to see if they have the space.
For more information about Operation Fresh Egg, visit https://www.purinamills.com/.../campaign/operation-fresh-egg


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